Betty: in search of essence

Betty: in search of essence, 2019


September 2020.
Since the last posting ‘The Second Dive: the artist trapped by his materials’ has taken place. A Third Dive is in advanced preparation.

Intermittent projects included ‘Betty: in search if essence’ and ‘Inked plates: yes but no but’ where do we go to from here…

Billy is currently fully occupied in the preparation of an ambitious body of work – working title ‘Horizon’ that will likely compliment other work in differing mediums (3D and alternative photographic) and will form the basis of an exposé.

Otherwise this website will not be maintained other than the occasional post to indicate life.

October 2019. The First Dive: ‘artist as one with his materials’ was successfully documented.

June 2017: In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Victorian College of the Arts (an amalgamation of The National Gallery School and Prahran Faculty of Art), Bill was selected as one of the VCA’s ’eminent student alumni and staff members’ to exhibit in a contemporary iteration of the infamous ‘9 x 5 Impressionist Exhibition’ of 1889. The seven artists in that exhibition, all alumni, were Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin and Charles Conder, C Douglas Richardson, R.E. Falls and Herbert Daly, who used 9′ x 5′ cedar cigar box lids on which to paint. The exhibition will mirror the format of the original exhibition meaning all works will be on a 9 x 5 inch board.
The exhibition took place at the VCA’s Margaret Lawrence Gallery in June 2017