Len Fox Painting Award Project 2016

"for a painting in sympathy with the work of Emanuel Phillips Fox".

Artist Statement

In 1911 Emanuel Phillips Fox painted On the Mediterranean Coast  that presently hangs in the Castlemaine Art Museum. I took that as my starting point.

My shortlisted entry is titled On the Mediterranean Coast – One Hundred Years On, 79 x 96 cm, synthetic polymer paint on aluminium composite, 2016

I am not engaged with what we expect to happen, but what in fact happens despite our intentions and anxieties. Hence, while I admit having huge expectations, I set my parameters, point my materials in that direction, and open the gate!

That is my equivalence to the impressionist: that and a love of colour and a want to lick the best bits off the brush.

In this case, having been seduced by On the Mediterranean Coast, E Phillips Fox, 1911 I sought to trust in the digital accoutrements embedded in the contemporary. That is, I allowed the machine to make an impression of the subject and I carried out its direction without quite knowing the outcome.